Welcome to Chitrabani

The first media center in the Eastern India, Chitrabani had been instrumental in training media personnel who now serve several media industries, providing quality service, and imparting a value-based experimental atmosphere.

Chitrabani still strives to reach out to the areas where quality research is required, where training is given to the media enthusiasts, who would like to choose the communication media and technologies as their profession.

Initiation to Filmmaking

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Initiation to Filmmaking

Chitrabani offers three-month intensive hands-on training in the art of filmmaking, providing the students with the basic tools required in order to make a meaningful film, using low-cost equipments and methods.

Chitrabani's PG Diploma

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Chitrabani is offering a 10-month Post-Graduate Diploma in Mass Communication and Videography, targetting those who wish to make Mass Communication and Videography as career. The intensive full-time Diploma opens wide vistas before an aspiring student, so that s/he may choose the field that best suits her/him.

Words from our Former Students

Wilson Jones
Chitrabani was instrumental in shaping my mind towards communication media, opening up new vistas for me to explore
Jerry Douglas
Experimenting with media had been a special privilege for me at Chitrabani and I am thankful to the team at this center.

"Chitrabani is more than an academic institute, and more than a production center. Through its training, production and research activities, it is a laboratory, an educational center and a social center."

Chitrabani Annual Report